Promote your eBook for Free with eBooksoda – Limited Time Offer

I sent this great offer out to my mailing list this week, but thought that it would be useful to add it to my blog as well so it gets a wider audience. There is also a press release that goes with this offer which gives further information about the service.

I have signed up to eBookSoda myself, as a reader and an author and have already submitted some client books to the service. Many of my own clients have also submitted their books, free marketing is always great for self published authors. If you’re looking for some more eBook marketing tips, then why not check out my eBook Marketing Mini-eCourse too.


eBookSoda, a free subscription service for eBook readers, is offering authors and publishers the opportunity to promote their titles for free. The time-limited offer allows qualifying authors to have their eBook promoted on and sent directly to the inboxes of readers subscribed to the free service.

Promotion makes a huge difference to the success of an eBook. Authors have the potential of increasing their sales by getting involved in advertising and marketing, but these usually come at a price. Without extensive promotional work authors can find their work is lost in the thousands of other listed titles, even when featured on top eBook platforms such as Kindle, Nook, Smashwords and Kobo. This is bad news for authors and for their potential readers who can easily miss out on what could be a new favourite read, which is why eBookSoda is offering authors the opportunity to promote their eBooks using their dedicated author services.

eBook Promotions Sent to Targeted Readers

Once readers have joined the free subscription service they are sent a daily email offering details of the latest free and cheap eBooks available across all formats, based on their personal choices. With this tailored service it’s possible for authors to have their promotions sent directly to the inboxes of targeted readers all over the world. Interested authors simply need to send their title for review using the online submission form found on If a title is selected, eBookSoda will create a unique promotion to be featured on the website and emailed directly to their subscribers. Currently eBookSoda is not charging authors for this service, but it won’t remain free for long.

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