Review: How to Write and Publish Non-Fiction by Fiona Shoop

annecoatesA review of How to Write and Publish Non-Fiction by Fiona Shoop, kindly written by Anne Coates.

Anne Coates is an editor and author who has published seven non-fiction books including Applying to University 2014 (Need-2-Know), Parenting Without Tears Guide to Living with Teenagers and Parenting Without Tears Guide to Loving Discipline (both Endeavour Press) plus two collections of short stories. She is currently working on a crime novel and can be followed on twitter @Anne_Coates1

Subtitled Revealing the Secrets of the Trade, this book is undoubtedly one of the best you will find in its category. Fiona Shoop is both a publisher and an author (as well as having worked as a journalist and for TV and radio) and very definitely knows her subject – from both sides of the publishing divide.

How to Write and Publish Non-FictionIn How to Write and Publish Non-Fiction the reader is taken through the whole process of getting a non-fiction book published from developing ideas through to marketing and tax and everything in-between. If you’ve every wondered whether you should approach an agent first or go directly to a publishing house, Fiona gives the lowdown.

There is something for every writer who would like to see their ideas/work in book format. Although the title only mentions non-fiction, there is a wealth of information and advice here for the debutante novelist as well.

What is so impressive is the breadth and depth of How to Write and Publish Non-Fiction plus its readability. I read this in about two (long) sittings and it was a joy to lose myself in. I really hadn’t expected to be swept along by the narrative and enjoy reading it so much.

How to Write and Publish Non-Fiction is in six parts:

Part One: Why Write Non-fiction?
Part Two: Submitting Your Work
Part Three: Agents, Publishers and Self-publishing
Part Four: How to Write Non-fiction
Part Five: What Happens After You’ve Written Your Book
Part Six: The Practicalities of Being an Author

And each part has chapters and breakdowns of what is included listed on the contents pages. So if you are in search of specific information it is very easy to find there or in the comprehensive index.

Fiona Shoop teaches courses in writing non-fiction at South Downs College. If you live too far away to sign up for these, then this book is the next best thing.

I would recommend reading from start to finish and then keeping as a reference book to dip into the relevant topics as and when you need to.

How to Write and Publish Non-Fiction is published by Golden Guides Press.

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