Self Publishing & eBooks – 5 Most Popular Posts

Self Publishing & eBooks – 5 Most Popular Posts

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I haven’t been blogging for long on this blog, but I thought I would do a stats post today, just in case you have missed some of the more popular posts.

Number 5

Do’s & Don’ts of eBook Formatting

I originally posted this on my other blog, but when I launched this new blog I decided to move it over. Even though it’s at number 5 on this blog, it also got over 150 page views on the other blog before I moved it.

Number 4

Poll Results: How much do you pay for eBooks?

I had this poll running on my other blog for quite some time, and I finally got round to producing the results. Many visits and comments on this post, people were genuinely surprised by some of the results.

Number 3

Paperback or eBook?

Many people who commented on social media about this post got the wrong end of the stick, I don’t think they actually read it! Anyway, it’s not about whether you prefer eBooks or paperbacks, it’s all about self-publishing and my opinion on whether you should publish as an eBook or a paperback.

Number 2

Format Your Own eBook – Template Now Available!

A very recent post, in fact on a couple of days old… really pleased it’s got so many page views, please continue to share as I am sure this template is going to help lots of authors and writers on their self-publishing journey.

Number 1

Author Interview: Randall St. Germain

I must admit that this is all probably down to Randall himself sharing this post on Twitter. I do my fair share of sharing of blog posts, but he has been very consistent in sharing this and look, it’s made No. 1 – take note authors! (If you want to take part in an author interview on my blog, drop me an email!)


  1. Looks like a great list of posts! I am looking forward to reading each of them!

  2. Great. Now I know the best posts to read on your blog.

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