Slideshare: Do’s & Don’ts of eBook Formatting

I signed up to Slideshare some weeks ago with the intention of uploading some presentations about eBook formatting. I did start one, but didn’t get round to finishing it because it didn’t flow very well. Over the weekend I decided to try again and what I did was I repurposed an old blog post and created a presentation in PowerPoint. The blog post I repurposed was Do’s & Don’ts of eBook Formatting, I felt it would work really well as a presentation which I could upload to Slideshare. I took the main points and altered them slightly, made it look nice and added some marketing information on the last slide and then uploaded it.

So far I have had nearly 200 views, and a few people have downloaded it. I shared it on all the normal social media networks and got some positive feedback from them. I thought it would be a great blog post for this week, so here it is…


What do you think?

I had been meaning to give Slideshare a go for some time now, and now I’ve uploaded this I think it’s a great way of getting information across in a very easy way. I wish I could utilise YouTube more than I do, but I find it takes so long to put a video together, making sure you get the script right, stopping and starting. At least with a presentation on PowerPoint (or similar) you don’t need to worry about a script, and you can perfect it until you’re happy. I think I’ll be using presentations a lot more in the future, or specifically for these sort of presentations.

Have you used Slideshare and what do you think?


  1. Can I use Slide Share on my WordPress blog? I’ve been wanting to go at it too.

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