Author Opportunity:
The One Big Book Launch

I shared this on my Facebook page yesterday, but hardly anyone has seen it thanks to Facebook’s algorithm so I decided I would blog about it, that way more people can take advantage of this great offer. Completely Novel is a print on demand publishing company, they have teamed up with with Literally PR to offer independent authors […]

Promote your eBook for Free with eBooksoda – Limited Time Offer

I sent this great offer out to my mailing list this week, but thought that it would be useful to add it to my blog as well so it gets a wider audience. There is also a press release that goes with this offer which gives further information about the service. I have signed up […]

Reviewers Wanted: Freedom from Bosses Forever

Are you interested in reading and reviewing eBooks? I have just started working with some authors, to help them find genuine reviews for their newly published eBooks. I would like to introduce you to Tony Robinson OBE who has just published an updated version of his book Stripping for Freedom, now called Freedom from Bosses […]

Format your own eBook – Template Available Now!

*** Introductory Price Ending on 8th March 2013 *** Today I have been working on my eBook Formatting Template, and I’m really pleased to announce it’s now live to purchase. It took a lot of work to get all the landing pages written and all the linking up to my mailing list, with more messages […]

Sneak Preview – eBook Marketing eCourse

A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to write an eCourse for authors on marketing their eBooks. I only launched this website in October, and I needed to come up with an idea to bring in the traffic and to start building myself an email list, which I haven’t yet implemented on this […]

How are eBooks Evolving?

Do you own any eBooks which have ‘extras’?  By extras I mean similar to a DVD when they have the bonus features, or maybe video or animation. Like everything else these days, eBooks are evolving as I speak and I have already had an enquiry this year about placing video within an eBook.  I found out that […]

Virtual Author Services – DIY or Outsource?

I started eBook formatting when I created my business as a virtual assistant.  It came about when I formatted my late Grandfather’s book for Amazon Kindle.  Now I have been doing it for over a year, and have many clients who are authors and writers. I thought it was about time I asked them what […]