Self Publishing & eBooks – 5 Most Popular Posts

I haven’t been blogging for long on this blog, but I thought I would do a stats post today, just in case you have missed some of the more popular posts. Number 5 Do’s & Don’ts of eBook Formatting I originally posted this on my other blog, but when I launched this new blog I […]

Format your own eBook – Template Available Now!

*** Introductory Price Ending on 8th March 2013 *** Today I have been working on my eBook Formatting Template, and I’m really pleased to announce it’s now live to purchase. It took a lot of work to get all the landing pages written and all the linking up to my mailing list, with more messages […]

12 Steps to Format an eBook

After formatting books for some time now I decided that I would create a very simple Microsoft Word template which authors can use to write their books (for those who like writing in Word obviously). It’s basically a blank document, but the styles I have set-up are all ready to be used to create a […]

How are eBooks Evolving?

Do you own any eBooks which have ‘extras’?  By extras I mean similar to a DVD when they have the bonus features, or maybe video or animation. Like everything else these days, eBooks are evolving as I speak and I have already had an enquiry this year about placing video within an eBook.  I found out that […]

Do’s & Don’ts of eBook Formatting

When I receive manuscripts from authors there is usually some strange formatting going on.  I have noticed that the authors I work with the most, take the time to look at what I do when I format their eBooks and try and get the original manuscript over to me in a better state.   I […]

eBook Formatting – Creating a Linked Table of Contents Manually

eBook Formatting Tips Series – Video 1 When I started to think about having a channel on YouTube I wasn’t really sure what sort of videos I would create. After having had a steady stream of eBooks to format over the last couple of months and many people on my social media networks asking me […]

Website Launch Giveaway

Welcome I’d like to welcome you to my brand new website dedicated to my eBook formatting service. It’s taken some months to design and get all the content how I want it, but it’s finally come together and I am happy to say it is now very much live!! I wanted to do something extra […]