Rye’s Rite

Rye's Rite

Kindle Edition

Author: Kurt Jensen
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Rye Nelson is content with a life of peace and solitude, shared with his grandfather and friends, working on a train that has taken him all over early-1900s America. However, when he’s forced out of his routine and sent on a mission to find a father he’s never known, anxiety, fear, and loneliness threaten to overwhelm him.

Along his journey, Rye crashes his prized one-of-a-kind motorcycle into Red, the leader of a biker gang that has old and ominous ties with his family. Injured and trapped in Red's cavernous hideaway, with little to no freewill, he desperately searches for a way to escape. As luck would have it, his stay with the gang opens a new friendship, one that accompanies him across the country to a strange island.

Through a harrowing journey, narrow escape, a daring rescue, and a shootout for the ages, Rye realizes the power of true friendship and the love of family. But, if he is to survive, he must also find inner strength and learn the value of forgiveness. When Rye finds out his father’s dark secrets, will he show him grace and accept him as part of his life? Or will he turn his back and remain the same naive young man he was before he left?