The End of Interludes

The End of Interlude

Formatted for E-Book

Author: Katherine Turner (Author), Kayli Baker (Editor)
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Nina Covington is living a life she could only have dreamed of growing up near the poverty line. At twenty-eight, she has a lucrative career, lives in a high-rise condo in the most exclusive neighborhood in Midtown, and her boyfriend is a successful financial consultant with clients all over the globe.

Then she runs into Myles, and the life she’s been running from for seven years returns to rock her carefully-constructed present. Her once promising relationship with him came crashing down when she was assaulted in college, an event Nina has all but pushed from her memory. But Myles remembers a different version of Nina, and his return makes her question the reality she’s currently living. The façade of Nina’s perfect life crumbles, and she’s forced to make a decision: face the music and the past she’s been running from or continue living the lie she’s been keeping afloat for almost a decade.